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Hey, we're raising a warrior who will use Ishin Like a Dragon to take on the rough streets of Japan! So prepare to unleash your inner warrior so you may establish yourself as a legend in the criminal underworld in this one of top upcoming rpgs.

With Ishin Like a Dragon, we can anticipate all kinds of new features, such as an immersive open-world set in the busy city of Yokohama, a range of career classes to master, and even some humorous mini-games that will keep you amused for hours.

Not to mention the thrilling battles. We can anticipate some incredibly violent sword-fighting action in Ishin Like a Dragon, where you can battle everyone from rival gangs to dishonest politicians.

Get ready for an exciting journey by grabbing your katana and donning your finest samurai gear. Ishin Like a Dragon is the perfect opportunity to prove your might to the world.